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Past Events

Christmas Party

The BBOSSC Christmas party was a great success with party goers require to matchup husbands with body parts

November Saturday morning surf sessions

A full compliemnt of members attended including Mikey, Johnny, Timmy, Davie, Robbie and more

October meeting and surf practice session

The last full session and practice before the final 2014 contest

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Johnny Rockets Co-Founder

Meeting the folkers instead of attending surf practice.

Mikey Co-Founder

Lead organizer for surf inspirational leader.

Timmy Social Chairman

A bit about our club members...

Whether you are a beginner surfer, pro surfer, or have never surfed before you are welcome to come out and surf with the Bad Boys of Summer Surf Club. We are about immersing ourselves into Nature, Water and the Ocean and leaving our everyday lives on the Beach Sand or the Parking Lots. Surfing can be a very serious, intense, individual sport. We make it a fun group sport and watch out for each other and surf safe enjoying the water, the waves, and the sand together. We find Strength, Empowerment, Healing, Clarity and Energy in this Supreme and Humbling connection and activity. We strive to spread and share this message and one love experience with all – from Beginners to Professionals from Young to Old, no matter where you are physically and or Life Cycle. We are Humble and Respect Nature, Water and Ocean. We want everyone to Find their Ocean and leave their everyday life on the beach sand or parking lot and connect with us as one.

Club founded in January 2005 at La Jolla Shores tower 32. Master of the surf break and overall ruler of the local "waves".

More BS here.

Meet the team...

Meet the club founders and visionaires


Mikey Nickname


Mikey cut his teeth on the ocean growing up in Durban, South Africa. He learned to body surf and surf wave skis at Brighton Beach near the world famous surf break at Cave Rock. He did encounter a few sharks in the surf, but it did not stop him from him enjoying and being in the ocean water. The South African water was very warm and tropical with the Blue Bottles and Jelly fish making there occasional unwanted appearances. His unconditional Love of the ocean water was born of these experiences and is his guiding principle knowing that this is a universal experience to be shared by all.

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Johnny Rockets


Johnny started his time in the water in 1985 in Chicago as a slalom water skier. Upon moving to San Diego, Johnny jumped on a larger board and started surfing. His water sking fits in with surfing ... on a board on top of the water ... having fun. Johnny surfs his favorite 9 ft. soft-top board that allows him to perform at a high level with a bad back condition. Johnny is one of the fastest paddlers in the lineup and is a right foot forward "regular foot" surfer. Some surfers say he is like a "Rocket." Johnny prefers going left on waves but will go straight on a party wave. As a matter of fact Johnny specializes in calling out party waves. Johnny also prefers No-Net Board shorts, ... less bunching up in the wet suit and they dry out personal equipment quicker. Johnny Rocket can be found in the line up in a black wet suit (really stands out in a crowd).

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